Every collaboration starts with a research phase. By getting to know your new space, your vision, your dreams… you give me tools to create a meaningful, lasting and
harmonious result.

  • We meet

    Our design process always starts with a conversation. The main question is: How do you see yourself in your new space? Make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. Make a rough budget and time frame. I will explain every step of the creative process and present you a clear description of the project.

  • First draft

    Based on our conversation and my impressions of the space, I develop a first draft for your approval.

  • Non-binding estimate and time frame

    Once the first draft has been approved, an initial price estimate and an approximate possible time frame will be presented. This ensures that everything is clear and transparent from start to finish.


My designs are a combination of pure creativity based on aesthetic choices, functionality and your financial reality.

  • Measurement

    Measurement of the spaces, and drafting of a plan.

  • Feedback

    Alignment with each other is important, so I keep you as involved as possible throughout our collaboration. We discuss every step of the process, from the first draft until your new space is completed.

  • Execution plan

    After as many drafts as necessary, and responding to your feedback, a final execution plan is designed. This is the “key” plan for the rest of the renovation process.

  • Final quote and time frame

    Based on the execution plan, a detailed quote and time frame will be determined and presented to you.


  • Construction site

    Experience has taught me that a very close supervision of the site and a clear ongoing communication with all of the parties involved is essential for efficient coordination, high quality results, staying within the budget and meeting deadlines.

  • Delivery

    Delivery happens in two stages;
    1.  the temporary delivery where you and I will evaluate whether everything has been executed according to plan. If necessary, we can do some fine-tuning
    2.  when the project has been completed and you and I have done a closing tour of the transformed space, that is considered to be the final delivery.

Follow up

  • Contact

    After the project is completed, you are always welcome to contact me if you have questions or concerns and I will deal with it personally.