Do I have to pay to receive information about your services?
Absolutely not. Working together must feel right. After you received free information you decide if sophieinteriors is suitable for you.

I just moved to Switzerland and am feeling overwhelmed settling in, can you help me creating a home away from home?
Love to do that! Having lived abroad and relocated several times myself,
I experienced that a home is not about a space, it is about a feeling…Whether you wish to design an interior from scratch, restyle your existing furniture, get organised or you just need a few tips as to where to shop, I’m there to help you transforming your temporary residence into your new home.

I intend to sell or rent my property. In order to optimise the advertisement and the visits  I wish to stage my home.
Can you help me with this?
Very smart choice as staged interiors increase prices and help you to secure property sales and rentals. With a minimal of financial  input I can help you to maximise the attractiveness of your property.

On what base do you set your prices?
Basically there is a difference in complexity between interior architecture & interior design which explains the price difference between these services. Both services also include the price of the idea/copyright. Based on the size of the assignment I estimate the required hours of work and communicate you a fix price per step. Alternatively I work per hour and l give you regular updates of my hours so you can keep track on your budget. Creating an interior design concept for one room is based on 5 hours of research and 1 hour of presentation.

Do you have your own team of contractors?
Yes, I work with an excellent team of contractors who not only proved to be competitive in quality and cost but are utterly flexible & constructive persons to work with. Of course there is no obligation to work with my team, if you have good contacts yourself feel free to work with them.

Are contractors’ fees included in the project budget?
Yes the contractors’ fee is included in the total price budget of the project, however you give your approval directly to them and they bill you separately as they are not employees of sophieinteriors.

Do you have a fixed list of furniture & decoration suppliers?
Yes & no. I have my preferred stores & brands however this list continuously grows with every new project and contact.

Are you ordering furniture for me?
No, however I am happy to assist you in ordering items as in my experience the most effective way is the direct order & payment between customer and supplier.

How long does the process take until completion?
The time to design your ideal concept depends on how fast you agree on the proposed design solutions. As this phase is the foundation of your future home I always suggest to take enough time to let all the new ideas sink in & ask enough questions. I will answer with swift adaptations until you are 100% in love with the design. During the execution my motto is ‘close supervision’ to be able to correct, direct, adapt immediately where necessary in order to deliver a great design in agreed times.

In which language do you communicate?
We can talk in English, French, Dutch and (not too complex=) German.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact me!